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Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Queen Of Hearts - Every Wednesday. Drawing @ 8pm---- Come out and Try Your Luck- Hope To See You There!!!!!
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Administrator's Message
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Brothers and Co-workers -As everybody knows the last few months have been challenging from a Lodge business perspective.What has been encouraging are the members that have been stepping up and volunteering to get things done and help the Lodge save money, make money and do a lot of needed building maintenance.

I want to particularly thank:
Danny Sydnow & Donnie Bray –the SQ entry door ramp.
Bruce Edmonds & Tom Walters –the electric breaker / cut-off board for the new
Pavilion / RV park electric service.
Tom Walters & Dennis Farmer –the heating unit located on the south end of the ballroom.
Roger & Diane Benfield for cleaning the kitchen area.
Chris Earls for organizing the kitchen area and dry storage room

The Lodge and a number of the associated charities we support locally and through Moose International have greatly benefited from the volunteers we’ve had doing meals.These include The Harlow Brothers & Family, Deborah Cyphers, Tara Tyler, Roger and Diane Benfield, Kathleen Baxter, Matt Barr, Bruce & Mary Lou Edmonds,
Theresa Pike and Barbara Beebe.

Friday, the 17thof February was our first day of Bingo and it was great.We had quite a few players, made a fair amount of money and too many Lodge volunteers to
list but never too many to give a shout out to and let them know how much they’re appreciated. Thank you.

Based on some feedback from the February 6 Town Hall meeting we’re working on setting up a “Project & Activities” board in the Social Quarters that w
ill make it easier for members to know where they can help out.Hopefully this will be done by the beginning of March and I encourage everybody to take a look and see
where you might be able to contribute.

Thanks again to all that have contributed and thanks in advance to all that are going to.

Brooke Selmer
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